Flaws N’ All

Here are some words to encourage you to




  • Create your own IDEA of what BEAUTY is NOT what society thinks it is
  • No need to compare, YOU are UNIQUE
  • YOU are one of a kind
  • Learn to ACCEPT your FLAWS, that’s what makes you DIFFERENT
  • CHOOSE to be HAPPY
  • Say 3 POSITIVE things about YOURSELF in the mirror each morning
  • KNOW your WORTH
  • Fall in LOVE with your IMPERFECT self
  • SURROUND YOURSELF with people who INSPIRE you to do BETTER
  • EMPOWER yourself
  • YOU are ENOUGH
  • You are FORGIVEN
  • Look FORWARD DON’T look back
  • Write something NICE about YOURSELF in a journal everyday
  • NEVER apologize for being YOU
  • Do something that makes YOU feel HAPPY
  • BREAK unhealthy habits
  • YOU are NOT your mistakes
  • NO one is you that is your SUPER POWER
  • You are a WONDERFUL work in PROGRESS
  • VALUE your HEART
  • Work HARD to reach your GOALS


The real difficulty is to overcome how you think about yourself.

-Maya Angelou

Loving myself has been one of the biggest challenges I have faced as a young person. It’s always a work in progress. But like a good friend of mine always signs off as “chooses to be happy” I also choose that for my life. I love myself, flaws and all. No one is like you. You are unique, you are special. Fall in love with your imperfect self and live your best life ❤








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