Get the Look: Selena Gomez (Coach Show NYFW 2018)



Hey Gorg!

I’ve come up with another get the look outfit idea! This time I was inspired by Selena Gomez’ look from NYFW 2018’s Coach show.  Let me know if you guys are digging these get the look posts! I’m definitely down to doing more! How cute is her dress though? She showed up to this years Coach show looking beautiful as ever in this black floral maxi style dress. Not gonna lie, when I saw her shoes I was like what are those?! The more I studied the dress and what she had paired with it they kinda grew on me after a while. They look like a mix between a victorian style shoe/cow boy boots in black and white. I couldn’t find another shoe that was similar that I would actually rock. I checked online, checked in stores, nothing there that resembled hers…….dang it  *sarcastic voice. Oh well 😉 . Fun part about this dress and a mini challenge for me was the asymmetrical, pastel design in the middle. I figured since she wore this style of dress there would be tons like it around? NOPE. So of course, I had to improvise and came up with this. I thought it was close enough what do you guys think?


I searched for black floral dresses and this one caught my eye. I found this one on My moto jacket is from FashionNova. The Marilyn Monroe scarf is a flea market buy that I’ve had for years now and never really used it until now. To mimic the pastel design on Selena’s dress I folded the scarf into a triangle shape and tied it behind my back. I had double sided fashion tape to secure it down to the dress. Of course it’s not EXACTLY the same, but I made it my own. That’s the best part of recreating outfits if something doesn’t work or you don’t have the exact piece just add your own twist to it!


So yea the shoes was a no go for me. So to incorporate the black and white colors she had in hers I decided to pair white socks (from H&M) with my black strappy opened toe heels. I am feelin’ the sock with heels look! Just another super cute way to make your outfit look even more stylish. This totally screams spring fashion and my feet are crusty ‘cuz I  didn’t get a pedicure LOL.


Straightening my hair is something I rarely do. I went through a stage where I’m sure EVERY curly girl could relate to where I hated my curls. I went a whole year just straightening my hair every day. I completely destroyed my hair! When I decided to go back to its natural state my hair was so damaged. It wouldn’t even curl again :(. So I went through the ugly transitoning phase. It was painful, but I stuck with it and my curls finally came back after a while. So now I straighten my hair maybe once or twice a year. I’m too paranoid to straighten my hair without thinking about if I’m damaging it or not. So one or two times a year I’m good. For this look I figured I’d straighten it to look as similar to her as possible. So there was my very general quick hair transitioning story LOL. (curly hair is the best in my opinion 🙂 )


Outfit prices down below 😛

  • Black Opened Toe Heels FashionNova $25
  • Asymmetrical Dress Asos $32
  • Black Moto Jacket FashionNova $43
  • Socks H&M $10

Total =$110

Who would of thought socks with heels and an apron style home on the prairie dress would actually look cute together LOL. Hope you guys enjoyed another Get the Look outfit post! Until next time beauties!



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