Moto street edge, embroidery chic, and cool tones

Well HELLO Gorgeous!

 I created this outfit around what I strongly feel like is one hell of an essential item *drum roll please……THE MOTO JACKET. I am obsessed with moto jackets! If I could get one in every color I totally would! The look, the feel of the jacket screams rock star! This piece can make a basic outfit look so cool and edgy. Feeling like one cool confident mama, you can’t tell me nothing. What’s great about the moto jacket is there are so many ways you can rock it. Pair it with a maxi dress and cute converse sneakers for a grunge rocker look, or add some embroidery accessories/statement pieces with a touch of mauvie pink  and you’ve created a chic street style combo *cough *cough like ya home girl did down below LOL.201803061596242396So let’s get started on these shoes! They are a soft, mauve color, suede, mega chunky heel booties (that’s the best way I can describe them). I love the embroidery on the side of the heel going up. These shoes are so flippin’ comfy. Don’t you think they would be super cute to try a monochromatic look with these babies?!

Best part is my friend thought of me when she saw these bad boys at Marshalls and bought them! It’s kind of funny when my friends go shopping, think of me when they see something “odd”, assuming I would rock it, and 90% of the time they are right! Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing? I must admit I have been told before I dress kinda funny. I say I’m more daring!Facetune-20180306378042261-01Accessories are a great way to add more interest to your outfit. One way I like to add a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ is by adding a cool purse into the mix like this one from DSW online. When I discovered it I automatically thought of my mauvie chunky booties. What attracted me to this purse was like my shoes it had the floral embroidery to it. Not to mention it goes perfectly with the shoes. The chain strap also goes with my large buckle belt from Target, complimenting all the silver metal hardware in the outfit.20180305109066781Earrings are also a fun way to express yourself through your outfit. These drop earrings are from Burlington Coat Factory. The stripe detailing adds some subtleness to this edgy chic look. If you haven’t noticed, I wanted to stay within the same color theme and cool tones of white, pink, and black.201803061048626988You can literally never go wrong with a plain white top. I wanted to continue adding subtle interests to the outfit so I decided to pair my plain black high rise jeans from Fashion Nova with this deep low cut top with tying detail in the front.201803061517702793Now this hat literally has so many names. It’s known as the cabby hat, newspaper boy hat, fisher men or fiddler hat. This newspaper boy hat was a must. I feel like you can wear this all year round. The hat is here to stay. A great way to hide a bad hair day or just another appealing piece to incorporate into your outfit.201803061733834962This by far is one of my favorite outfits. I think I’ve probably said it before in other posts, but I am totally digging it!



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