Spring Ready: Mixed Prints and Turquoise Lips

Hello Beauties!



Spring vibes all the way with this look! I figured maybe if I take pics of myself in spring like attire maybe the sun would cooperate with me? I can’t wait for warmer days, green grass, and sunshine! I am in some serious need for vitamin D! My absolute favorite part of spring is waking up to hearing birds chirping in the morning. Aaahhhh, music to my ears!

So I decided to go with a what I call “safer” version of a mixed print outfit. What I mean by “safe” is two different patterns…hence mixed print, but using the same colors. I’m new to this outfit trend. Not entirely sure how long this “trend” has been out, but I love it! I may be a little behind and need some catching up to do, but better late then never right? I love the idea of two different prints coming together. Such a creative way to show your personality, express your self through fashion, AND look pretty darn cool while doing it! Become a walking Pablo Picasso masterpiece! YESSSSSS! I love colors and anything that has a pattern to it. Let’s bring in spring and summer vibes by adding mixed prints to your wardrobe! Here’s a few tips I’ve learned along the way so far.

  • mix print colors that compliment each other
  • add small and large print scales to your mixed print outfit
  • mix prints that share the same color
  • mix more than 2 prints by adding a third as a monochromatic or neutral print pattern
  • same pattern invert the colors
  • treat stripes as a neutral
  • same print? Use bold contrasting colors

This time I went the safer route, but as I get more comfortable I definitely want to master the BOLDER side of mixing! Just FYI like I’ve said a million times before it’s just clothes so have fun with it! That’s the best part!


Just incase your wondering my lippie is actually my urban decay 24/7 glide eye pencil in deep end! Unfortunately, I didn’t have an actual turquoise lip color so I improvised!


Hope this helped you guys to venture out of your comfort zone a little and try something new. I had a good time pairing this outfit together! Have fun with it!

Outfit Details: Mock stripped turtle neck crop top/ leopard print skirt/ belt (oldies but goodies) from Forever21, Clear shoes from FashionNova, Earrings from Burlington Coat Factory, Urban decay eye pencil from Ulta


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