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Hey Beautiful People!

I just wanted to swing by and say hello! Hope your Sunday was as relaxing as mine. BTW how’s the weather where you guys live? I swear we are dealing with bipolar CT weather. Literally, it’s sunny feeling like the beginnings of spring and with in maybe 3 hours it’s gray, cold, and wet again. Making shooting outside a bit challenging. I suppose I could still shoot outside if I chose to, but let’s get real ya girl does not want to be out there in the cold. Ugh….that bone chilling rain too! Nah, I’m good! Good news is I have a ton of ideas and posts that I will have coming up soon, which I am very excited about! If I could only get mother nature to cooperate and be on my shooting schedule then I’d be good to go!

So speaking of shooting, mother nature was being super extra where once again it was gorgeous then literally walking to the location it turned cold LOL. Not to mention my gremlins were off from school AGAIN. These toads have more days off then I do. I have a lot of nicknames for my kids: booger snot, weirdo, poopie head, chicken nuggets…mind you they are 11 and 8 years old. I promise their nicknames are out of love! Think of it as when you call someone honey or sweetie pie…mine are just more obnoxious or bodily fluid type nicknames. It’s all good, they like it LOL. So, this time around, the little leeches had to come with. I made sure donuts were on hand just in case they became a little too antsy and bored. Luckily, I usually finish within an hour.

I opted for a more casual look for this shoot. Honestly, I was running late, my sis was outside waiting for a good 20 minutes for me. I had a semi wardrobe malfunction. What I had in my head really didn’t translate well when I tried it on. So I thought WTH I’ll go for my adidas kicks, black leggings, an olive color bomber patch jacket, my plaid shirt tied around my waist and voila outfit created….oh yea….my feminist *cough *cough t-shirt too. I swear I should just open up a t-shirt shop! My go to is a t-shirt….I know what you might be thinking….not very “fashionistaesk” I know, but good news is in this day an age you pair it with some off the chain heels and BOOM! POW! it’s FASHION! I heart comfort * big sigh.




So not too bad for someone who just threw something on if I do say so myself. For sure comfortable, but stylish. I love the color of the jacket, the patches have a good contrasting pop making it trendy, but still laid back. Can’t go wrong with one of my favorite T’s which reads FEMINIST. GIRL POWER ALL THE WAY! I paired it with some black patchy faux leather leggings that I got for ever ago. Pairing it also with a plaid button down shirt which adds a hint of texture and pattern to the outfit. The t-shirt wasn’t long enough to cover so tying my plaid shirt around my waist was a must. Camel toe is not cute and definitely not part of my outfit. Besides, tying a plaid/flannel shirt around your waist gives the outfit the cool grungy/urban effortless vibes. Undoubtedly, making a casual outfit stylish without even really trying. So why not?



( Fun fact: this is actually my son’s bomber jacket that we bought him for Christmas. Yes, I asked permission first if I could use it for my shoot. I figured I’d give him the credit since he was so sweet to let me borrow it. ) I Love you Kenny!

Outfit deets: bomber jacket H&M, feminist t-shirt FOREVER21, black faux leather leggings RUE21, and addidas sneakers FINISH LINE


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