Tomboy at Heart

Happy Monday!

Or should I say Presidents Day! Anybody took advantage of some online sales they had going on? I was tempted, but held back!

The kids are off today….”yaaay!” said no parent ever. I’m joking I don’t mind the rug rats being home from school for no apparent reason.

It’s been a lazy day, hanging around the house with the fam, until it came time to go shoot with my lil’ sis. I swear New England weather is bipolar! I left the house earlier this morning to run some errands and the sky was so bright and warm it felt like spring! Thinking to myself maybe I could do a spring look, but nope, as soon as the thought entered my mind mother nature had other plans. It became chilly, dark, and gray…pretty much saying no bish it’s still February…hold your caballos (horses).

So back to the drawing board. So guess what magnificent creation I made. Guess what it involved? Nope not another t-shirt this time! Even though I do have some pretty t’s. What does sweatpants + a sweater + some cute booties + a baseball cap = Melissa’s signature look. BTW Melissa is my real name if anyone is curious. I know I sign off as Mel (it’s my cool professional blogger name) don’t judge me LOL. I think I’ve stressed it enough on how comfortable I love to be. You can so be stylish in “comfortable” clothing. I’m really a tomboy at heart!


So yea it was chilly, but tolerable. So I decided to wear these sweats that I had forever from Fashion Nova. I must admit I had the worst time trying to pair these with something in the beginning. The material is on the thinner side and the mesh lining threw me off at first. One thing I do like is that they are very high waisted. Since they are so light it is a great transition piece from winter to spring. Plus the mesh adds a lil somethin’ to the outfit. I don’t mind showing off some skin, as long as it’s tasteful of course.

So because my pants were a little extra I wanted to pair it with my leopard print sock booties I purchased from DSW. Can we just talk about the gold metal rim detailing around the heel? It screams STATEMENT PIECE! You wear these bad boys out and everyone’s eyes will go straight to these heels! Definitely adding that street style edge that I love! Not to mention it’s comfortable! My top is just a basic olive green sweater that I paired over my black turtleneck bodysuit.  I went with a black turtleneck to go with the black mesh sides to my sweatpants and stay within the color schemes to my sock booties as well. My hat is from my daughters closet. I feel like I wear this hat way more than she does! Even though I had a good curly hair day I felt like a hat would go with my casual style. Also can’t forget my gold bamboo earrings to finish the look!









Hope you guys enjoyed today’s look! Can you believe it’s already going to be a month on February 21st to be exact since I went live!!! Eeeeeek!!! How time flies when your having fun! Special thanks to all my readers who take time to read my little blurbs on my fashion style.

Hope you all have a great Monday!


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6 thoughts on “Tomboy at Heart

  1. Your such an inspiration not only by the ideas u have and give about outfits and style but just how u are on the inside how a wonderful loving caring big hearted women your are i thank God for giving me such an amazing best friend love u dearly!! By the way your on fire girl loving every look yeahhh your just amazing keep it up. Oh and by the way i read it all lol


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