We LOVE, because HE first loved us


How did love come about? Who invented it? I didn’t realize the true meaning of love until coming face to face with my own imperfections. Within those imperfections I discovered that love is what matters above all else. I know that LOVE means something different for all of us but that’s what makes it so unique. One thing I can say about Valentine’s Day is how I am reminded of God’s love for us. It overwhelms me to think of it sometimes. No matter how much we mess up, we always get a second chance.

I am truly blessed and although today is Valentines day, this post is about what I believe is the real reason we love. “We LOVE, because HE first loved us” (1 John 4:19) is one of my favorite bible verses. Such a wonderful reminder of how we came to love through Jesus. Thank you heavenly father for all that you have done for me and for my AWESOME kids. Thank you for my husband Jon, who is one cool dude.



I am not trying to go preacher mode on anyone by any means, I’m just a happy Christ following, fashion enthusiast, mom, and wife. I just wanted to share my personal thoughts on how I was feeling today to all of you lovely people. I joke a lot about how mushy Valentine’s day is, but then again, I’m glad God invented LOVE.





Here are some other bible verses about El Amor I thought you might enjoy 🙂

Love keeps no record of wrongs -1Corinthians 13:5

Let all that you do be done in love -1Corinthians 16:14

As I have loved you, love one another -John 13:34

You are loved forever -Romans 8:38-39

Most of all let love guide your life -Colossians 3:14


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