Roses are Red


Here’s a quick outfit inspiration for you guys. Since Valentine’s day is literally here I wanted to create an outfit inspired by this day of LOVE. First thing that comes to mind when I think of V-day is red and pink. Creating this outfit was a no brainer. I had the colors, now I just had to make it look good! So I came up with this combo. My pink slip dress is from along with my red cross body purse. My favorite part of this outfit is my t-shirt from Asos. It’s so soft and comfy. So obsessed with the pink flower detail and red stripes. I actually bought it from the men’s section. Men’s t-shirts are the best! I decided to pair it with my red Steve Madden booties just to make the outfit pop even more, but normally I would probably wear it with some comfy white reeboks classics to tame it down and make the outfit look more casual. I’m all about the comfort. Seriously thought about wearing them and decided to be a little extra with the boots. What do you guys think? I think either way it looks super cute. Yes, surprise, surprise! I made it through business hours without being an anxious freak about shooting in public. It actually wasn’t that bad. People stared and I survived. It’s always helpful when you have a goofy friend to help you throughout the process. Definitely a lot of laughs coming from the floral aisle. My first reaction was to smell the fake flowers when someone came my way LOL….ahhhh the joys of shooting in public.

Ladies, do you plan on wearing something cute for your partner or yourself for Valentine’s day? Something casual, dressy, or nothing at all? Hope your V-day is filled with LOVE not only on Valentine’s Day, but everyday!


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