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Hello Gorgeous People!

Here’s an outfit inspo brought to you by Justin Timberlake’s 2018 Super Bowl performance… wait….whaaaat?! Yes, really LOL. I know the Super Bowl was so um like yesterday (*Cher voice from Clueless). My apologies, but I’ve been a little busy with life and couldn’t get to my computer soon enough! I’m back, I’m here, no worries. Now many would agree Justin’s performance was…..meh (as you shrug your shoulders), but if you were a REAL NSYNC fan when you were a hormonal prepubescent kid you would of been dancing in your seat like I was. Head bobbin’ super mega hard (kids thinking I was a weirdo) I was “lit”….is that what they are calling it now a days?

Per Google…..

Lit– “An old slang word made new again….’Lit‘ has been a slang term meaning “intoxicated” for over a century. More recently, it has acquired the meaning “exciting,” as well as a broader meaning along the lines of “excellent.”

BTW I can’t stand that word. I use it for annoying uncool mom purposes only. Back to JT, so his performance in my opinion was butta yo. For those who may be reading from before my time here’s a little definition of what the heck I’m saying now.

Butta– smooth (like butter), good quality, hot, fiya (fire), best, clean (example) “My dude them cool gray air jordan 11’s that came out is butta.” ( I’d add the ‘yo’ at the end for extra coolness)

I was a 90’s kid and a teen in the early 2000’s so if I lost you, I apologize again. I really enjoyed his performance. I never realized how many great hits he has! Such a great performer indeed. The Prince duet was bomb. I couldn’t contain the excitement I was on full dance mode. I felt like I was auditioning for the movie Step Up with Channing Tatum. Yes… yo gurl went in.

Light bulb! I have a Prince T-shirt! I could totally come up with a look. So I did….here it is.

P hair.jpg

P stairs.jpg

P shoe.jpg

P stand.jpg

P look away.jpg


Outfit Details: Long Striped Tunic/Jeans Forever21 (DIY rips), Black Sock Booties DSW, Sherpa Coat H&M, Cross Body Bag Wal-MartMirror Aviator Sunnies (from a souvenir shop in Savannah, Georgia), Prince T-Shirt Target

Hope you guys enjoyed this “inspiration” look. Until next time mi gente.


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