Camoed Out (WIW Sunday outfit)



What’s going on peeps!!!

Here’s another WIW (what I wore) post. Hold up…..QUICK INTERRUPTION….. I must admit, I’m actually dancing in my computer chair jammin’ as I type away. Blasting Britt Nicole on repeat, I LOVE her song: “Through Your Eyes”….it’s currently my shizznic at the moment! My daughter the other day was like, “Mom, that song again!” This song is the da bomb diggity AND it’s a praise and worship song! BONUS! Whoop whoop! Oh, BTW did I mention it’s a really good song?? LOL

Ok, let’s get back to this outfit. I got a lot of slack from my husband. He asked me if I was going into battle with someone. He got jokes. Of course I had a shoot in mind, but I also had to make sure I was church ready on Sunday. So instead of having to change and loose day light I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone and wear it to church as well. I felt pretty darn cool in it. GI Jane vibes or should I say GI Mel vibes?? I think GI Jane vibes has a better ring to it…..without the whole shaving my hair off part of course. Not to mention some of the youth were kinda getting on me too about my fashion choice. I was told by them that I looked like Kim Impossible. I had no clue who the heck that was. Until I was shown this….hqdefault


Still, really don’t know who she is, but she looks pretty badass to me so I’ll take it as a compliment. Way to burst someone’s confidence bubble right? Not only that after church one of my best friends came up to me and was like, “Oh, Meli your going to go shoot today?” By then I just assumed she meant shoot a gun because I had “camo gear” on. Everybody had jokes that day man. She actually meant shoot a look though. Or so SHE says……

Can you believe I actually got these SUPER COOL pants at Good Will for super cheap too? My black ribbed body suit, longline black coat, and gold earrings are from Forever21. This body suit is so comfortable. A great staple piece that you could wear so many different ways. My coat has to be one of my favorite pieces to this look. I was eyeing it forever until I decided I had to get it! I love the hoodie insert too. The coat adds to the street style look that I love so much. Let’s not forget about the accessories though. I’m a big fan of large chunky earrings! These earrings have a cool twist design to it. With my hair pulled back you can really appreciate them. I also paired this look with the most comfortable sock booties and Aldo purse which I purchased from DSW. I love my purse it’s very compact. For me it’s more like a going out purse instead of one that you would use daily. It has enough room for your money, credit cards, and ID. If your someone like me whose purse ends up feeling like a school back pack then I would use this purse for going out purposes only. The tiger detailing is dope and I like how the colors on my purse compliment the rest of the colors to my outfit.






Despite my going to battle jokes, I really had a fun time putting this look together. ANYTHING comfortable I love!! It was super comfy from head to toe!


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