Creative Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your LOVED ones



Aaaaaaahhhhhhh LOVE is in the air…..the days are getting closer and closer to Valentine’s day. Have you put any thought into what you might do or get for that special someone? Do you have a few special someones in mind that you would like to show EXTRA APPRECIATION to on the 14th? Flowers and chocolates in demand for February. The month of love, sentimental heart melting cards, and sweet treats galore. Oh how exciting to receive another obnoxious stuffed animal! What am I two? Red everything, again, only to feel like it’s a baby Christmas. Let’s go crazy and spend so much on a “holiday of love” where love should be shown everyday. DO I SOUND LIKE I LOVE THIS “HOLIDAY” OR WHAT!!! Yes, believe it or not I am a happily married woman LOL.I adore my family. I have thee best friends a girl could ask for, but no need to break the bank either peeps. Nothing wrong with creating or thinking outside of the box. I say go for it! A little creativity never hurt anyone. So here are some creative Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your loved ones to show them that they are appreciated *Tupac voice.

(Side note NOT knocking anyone who likes to get flowers, chocolates etc for their loved ones)

DAY DREAMINGjpg is a great gift idea for Valentine’s day. It’s a personalized gift book where you create your own story. Books come in hard or soft cover (prices vary). They actually have a promo code out right now use code: VDAY18 and save 15% off your purchase (limited time offer). I actually created one for my husband for V-Day. Being ridiculously impulsive I gave it to him early. I was so excited on how flipping awesome it looked! They have all different kinds of artsy book covers you can choose from and titles you can edit to your liking. There’s tons of pages you can pick from to start your book. It’s super easy, customizing my story was the fun part. They have characters you can make to look like you and your partner (favorite part in creating my book). The quality of the book is excellent. It was so much fun to create! A book he will have forever and read of all the reasons why I love him so much.

Write “Open When” Letters It’s all over pinterest! That’s how I discovered it. What is an open when letter? It’s different letters with instructions to open when different situations occur. The letter itself consists of a written note to your loved one based on the topic of the letter. The rules are simple: no peeking, letters are for the reader’s eyes only, open when the letter applies, open one letter a week. If there isn’t enough, open when you may need a pick me up or reminder of how much your special someone loves you. Here are some open when letter ideas to help you get started: Open when you feel lonely, open when you are happy, open when you miss me, open when you want to know how much I love you, open when you are mad at me…the list goes on and on. This would be such a cute Valentine’s Day gift idea. Show one’s love through a hand written letter for their eyes only. Super romantic in my opinion!

DIY Strawberry Roses A DIY project I am definitely going to try before Valentine’s day! If you have a special someone who isn’t a fan of receiving roses….*cough *cough me being one….sorry. The ONLY reason being is they die eventually. I kinda feel bad for the flower. So why not make a bouquet of strawberries that are cut into looking like roses instead.That’s genius! I found this cute DIY idea on Pinterest from blog Check it out to get the easy instructions on how to create yummy strawberries into roses. Nothing like a delicious edible arrangement can’t fix…if this doesn’t work for you, of course. Let’s continue….

Leave sticky notes on the mirror expressing how much you love your special someone is another great, quick, last minute idea for Valentine’s Day. Imagine how loved your partner would feel if they woke up, half asleep to use the bathroom (so romantic picturing someone using the bathroom) to find sticky notes in a shape of a heart with sweet nothings on each note written by you. Such an awe moment. Not feeling the bathroom idea? You can literally do this anywhere around the house. This cute idea is found all over Pinterest.



Get something engraved Make a gift even more special and get it engraved. For example, Hubby is into watches. So for our 1 year anniversary gift to him I bought him a watch from AvantWood from They sell dark walnut men’s watches. I loved that I could personalize the gift. I got the back engraved (maximum of 12 words). On the back of my husband’s watch it read: With you, I am home 7/23/16. Make your gift even more thoughtful by getting it engraved (doesn’t have to be a watch of course).

Get a couples massage/or create a zen ambiance at home As hectic and stressful life can get wouldn’t it be nice to get away with your love for a few hours and delight in a couples massage together? Prefer a more “intimate” setting? You can totally pull this off at home. Create a romantic zen environment at home with your lovie. Massage oils, lit candles, soft music in the background, get super mushy, throw rose pedals all over and kill more flowers….I’m kidding….let your imagination roam wild with this idea *wink *wink. Your love wouldn’t have any complaints that’s for sure.


With Valentine’s day approaching don’t get stuck with last minute ideas. I know, easier said then done LOL. Hopefully, these ideas were helpful. Get the creative juices flowing and think outside of the box. Most importantly have fun with it: big, small, chocolates, flowers, either way your love will appreciate anything you give to him/her on Valentine’s Day. It’s the thought that counts right? Make it count everyday. Be a little extra, but creative for V-Day.



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