Leopard print and red go hand in hand. It’s like peanut butter and jelly, rice and beans (where my latinos at?) LOL, Sonny and Cher, Meagan Markle and Prince Harry. BTW, not sure if I’m the only weirdo, but since they have announced their engagement I have been so freakin’ ecstatic for them like if they were my best friends!!! I know, pretty pathetic.  Honestly, they are so stinkin’ cute together, I can’t even! Like, I wish I was invited to their wedding LOL.

Okay…..so back to reality, like I was saying, nothing screams you are dabomb.com like leopard print whether it’s a pair of shoes, top, jacket, a bag, hair tie…whatever. Such a BOLD statement print! Adding red into the mix you ooze fierceness and confidence. YASSSS girl you better!!!

BUT and there’s a BIG BUT I feel like there’s only one rule to wearing leopard print. You can’t go crazy and wear leopard print head to toe…ALLLLLLL at once. I mean did you go on a safari and killed a leopard yourself or are you just nuts??? You don’t want to over power the leopard. We are not bringing it back to life LOL. Less is more sometimes with this print. I mean, please, por favor, don’t get me wrong, if that’s what you’re into then hey, do you boo boo!!! I’m just sharing my opinion (judgement free zone over here). I mean is there really a rule book to fashion? I don’t think so.


Here is my take and how I would pair leopard print and red together! I really had fun with this outfit. Shout out to my mama for buying me these cute red Steve Madden booties from Macy’s for Christmas. I love these shoes they are the perfect bright red. My cardigan is an oldie but goodie from Forever21, I bought years ago. It has these really cool spike details on the shoulders. I also paired this look with a Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s t-shirt I bought from Target. I must say Target is the best to get all the cool graphic t-shirts (men’s section). If anybody knows me they know I love to shop in the men’s or boys section! Finding a cool T wasn’t hard, but I wanted one that had red in it to tie it in with my red shoes. I saw this Red Hot Chilli Peppers t shirt and new I had to get it!! I think I look pretty cool LOL. My jeans are just a light wash pair from H&M. I wanted a lighter color because everything else was so dark and bold I wanted something simple and clean  to add contrast to the outfit. I actually got these on sale about a month ago for 10 bucks!


I know this look may not be for everybody, but that’s okay! How would you guys pair red and leopard print together? Or would you use a different color besides red? Hope you guys enjoyed reading about my excitement over Megan and Prince Harry’s engagement…oh yea and about my post on leopard print and red!!! Have an awesome day, evening, and night everyone 🙂


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