Dress Up your Jogger, Athletic, or Sweat Pants


Hola! How is everyone doing today? I hope well! Let’s talk about joggers, sweat pants, or athletic pants! How many do you own currently? I have probably about 5 pairs…just thinking from the top of my head LOL. My favorite style of pants fo’ sho’! They are so comfy! If I can just live in one outfit forever it would probably be sweatpants, a hoodie, and a pair kicks. I was known in high school to have all the urban wear matching sweat pants sets like lady enyce, rockawear, and ecko red. (* big sigh) Those were the days. I still love my comfy clothes don’t get me wrong, whats even better though is dressing them up! I think my dreams came true when the day came that dressing up athletic/sweatpants/joggers became a trend. It’s like a 2 for 1 deal. You still look super cute girl, you know you fly, BUT you are so comfortable and ready to hang past 9pm (MOM LIFE).

I actually bought these joggers in the boys section at TJMaxx and they were on sale! I’m the largest size in boys which is a size 18. Normally, I can fit into a size 7-10 depending on the style of the jeans, pants, whether they stretch or not etc. What I loved about these joggers, besides the fact that you can dress them up or down, is the black zipper detail at the bottoms and pockets. I chose to rock them in a more tapered look. Unzipping the bottoms would look just as cute. I also raised the bottoms up above my ankles to show off my comfortable shoes from Fashion Nova. My outfit is comfortable believe it or not.

The color is so bomb! They can pretty much go with almost anything. So to tie in the black zipper detailing I added more black into my outfit. I paired these pants with my gingham style bell sleeves top, again from Fashion Nova. I tucked in my top since the bottoms were a little baggy I wanted to accentuate my shape a little. Couldn’t go anywhere without one of my favorite back packs from Forever21. I love the subtle quilted padding and gold hardware detailing. I’m ready to take on the world with my outfit or so I felt. I think it was the braids LOL. Dress them up, dress them down with sneakers or heels these comfy pants have turned into something more than just apparel for exercise clothing.

Hope you guys enjoyed this look!!!


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