365 New Days, 365 New Chances

Happy 2018!!! New Year new you right?? Seems to be everyone’s focus once we enter into another year. How are you improving the current you? What are your goals for the new year? I’ve got a few…..

Build MORE Confidence Within Myself Who will believe in you if you can’t believe in yourself? Take a chance, put yourself out there! Now that I’m wiser in my years (JOKING) I’ve come to realize that confidence is key. Being confident leads to a happier you. It’s a work in progress, but thats ok.


Healthier Me I am the Queen of junk food. This one I still struggle with. I have days where I’m on point and days where I want to eat anything that is deep fried and smothered in chocolate. Like all things you really want you have to work for it. It definitely takes a lot of discipline. Becoming more healthy for myself is a big goal of mine. The good news is I do have a gym membership (waaaay before the new year started LOL). But sometimes I don’t want to go to the gym. I’m not much of a runner, I’ve tried, and hate it. But I love to dance. So when I want to put a little more pep in my step, become more active during my cleaning routine, I dance like a fool around the house, and work up a sweat that way. Hey it works! My heart is pumping, I’m sparkling from my sweat (such a pretty sight BTW) and my house is clean! Plus I had my own private Zumba session all to myself.

Become Horrible At Procrastinating Do you ever just lay in bed, thinking about everything you have to do for the day? How fast do you really move out of bed? Especially, when you have a million and one tasks to complete? Then rushing to do everything at the last hour because you know the rugrats will be home from school at any minute. It becomes homework time, chores, dinner, kids bedtime… to remember…”Oh sh**!! I forgot this and I forgot to do that!” Yea… your girl is guilty of that. I can be the worst procrastinator. What I normally do is try my best to prioritize what things I needs to get done first. I’m huge on creating lists too. So those pretty $12 planners you get at target with all the pretty stickers…yea thats me. Besides it being super cute, I have found that I enjoy writing my “lists.” I feel like I’m more on task. Its a work in progress.

Less Time On My Phone More Time With Reality Many of us can relate to this. I mean its your camera, its your internet access, your TV, I mean technology is on a whole new level. It has created zombies out of people. People are going to have more neck injuries from looking down at their phones so much, me including. I know one rule we have implemented in our house is no cell phones at the dinner table or at restaurants. That for sure is a MAJOR pet peeve of mine. It’s heart breaking seeing families, couples, or whoever with their noses down at their phones in pure silence. Is it me or has the human race forgotten how to communicate verbally? It’s sad that we (myself included) let technology take over our brains like that.


Inspire, Create, and Share I am my most happiest when I am creating. As long as I can remember I loved to draw, paint, and write. I would spend so much time in my room as a kid painting or writing stories. As I got older and my teen years hit, life happened, and I changed. I almost forgot how happy that made me feel. For the longest time I felt like I was missing something until last year I realized….I need to create. So I decided to start this blog. I want to be able to express myself, my way, and just enjoy the creative process behind it. Fashion, DIYs, is something I love. My goal is to continue creating and sharing my content. Encourage others to do the same and follow their dreams big or small. I want to inspire others through my journey of self expression and creativity.


Overall I want to improve the inner me. There is always room for improvement. I’m excited about the New Year and what it has to offer. 365 new days, 365 new chances. What are you lovely people most excited about for 2018? Share down below, I would love to know!


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An artist at heart who loves to create and design. I simply want to share my ideas, thoughts, and images with the world. Come follow me. XOXO Mel

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