3 Nights and 10 Things to do while in Savannah, Georgia

The Excitement was Real

It’s a bird, it’s a plane (well, really it is), it’s me and my husband celebrating our 1-year Anniversary. Where did we go?…Savannah, Georgia. I harassed the poor guy forever about going for our 1 year. Until…light bulb, hubby gave in!!! Whoop, whoop off we went!! So I’ll give dude the credit, HE came up with the brilliant idea to take a few days and head over to good ole Savannah.

BIrd's eye from the plane
Overhead view

1) Goose Feather An Express Cafe & Bakery

Downtown in the Historic District you will find a cute bakery called Goose Feathers An Express Cafe & Bakery. It seemed like a really popular place, seeing the line heading almost out the door. The wait in line could not have been more than 5-10 minutes long. We were greeted by a gracious lady. All around me the room filled of sweet southern hospitality.

I ordered an Eggs Benedict-Savannah Style which was 2 pouched eggs, cheese with your choice of bacon or ham in a croissant sandwich. The bread alone was so fresh and spongy. As soon as I bit into it the cheese and egg yoke oozed out of my sandwich. Does anybody else wipe the left over yoke with their bread and eat it? Love that! The peach cream-cheese danish was DA BOMB and served warm! I licked my plate clean! You had the option of eating indoors or outside. They had a set up of small tables and chairs looking out into the bustling scenic streets. With a table number at hand, we chose a seat near the window looking out. Our food was here in no time.

39 Barnard Street Savannah, GA 31401 goosefeatherscafe.com

2) Wormsloe Plantation

The entrance of the plantation is magical. As you enter you are greeted by all the beautiful tree lined Spanish moss. It was like something from a movie. The moss hung off the trees like loose hair blowing in the wind. A great area for an Instagram shot. Nature trails cover a lot of the property. You can go, explore nature’s beauty on your own for a small fee. Maps provided of course if needed. Just make sure you bring water and comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Beautiful Place to take dreamy pictures

3) Take a Pedi Cab around Town

There is so much to see and do in Savannah that sometimes being on foot in the Savannah heat can be near to impossible. Rest your feet, joy ride around the scenic town until you arrive at your destination all at a reasonable price. Now, did I mention how hot it is in Savannah, in the summer? Story time! Our poor driver was working a double shift (10am-6pm) his words. You add Savannah heat + a double shift that = one potent fella. So besides the awesome views, our nostrils were alerted to a potent stench of smelly armpits and the view of sweaty pit stains. You could smell how hard he worked for his money that day. I mean, to the guys defense, he was working a double shift! At least he was a really nice guy though, right? Regardless, it really was a fun experience!!!

4) Enjoy some time at Forsyth Park

Located in the Historic District, it’s a massive park, with tennis, basketball courts, walking paths, a children’s play area, and fields of green grass where people lay out to relax. We came across a lovely couple who had about 12 different exotic pet birds. The bird owners allowed people to pet, feed, and carry these guys. It was a little intimidating at first, but fun to see and experience. The little guy I got to hang with was named Romeo. All this fun simply cost a smile and a friendly tip.

5) Great food and drinks at The Public Kitchen and Bar

The Public Kitchen and Bar is a modern restaurant. Filled with remnants of old southern charm combined. The exposed brick and green walls were cool to look at. Seating was comfortable, super nice, but not too fancy. The room was a bit dark creating an intimate ambiance with a flickering candle in the center of the dark wood table. This is where I actually tried my first peach cobbler, it was BOMB! No complaints from my end and service was great. If your in the area definitely give this place a try. It was the perfect way to end our first night here in Savannah.


6) Explore Bonaventure Cemetery

Not to my surprise, it was breathtaking. One of my favorite spots. Originally a plantation, it sits on 160 acres of land, and the word Bonaventure means “good fortune” in French….thank you, Google. Quite overwhelming to see so many intricately made statues and headstones. I’m pretty positive I caught a couple of flies with my mouth from being so amazed by its beauty. To top it off the place is ginormous! You walk to a beautiful headstone to find another one even more gorgeous a few feet away. If cemeteries don’t freak you out come visit Bonaventure. Something to add to your bucket list of things to do while in Savannah, Georgia!

7) Life’s a Beach at Tybee Island

I got the pleasure of experiencing one of the most interesting sandy beaches around, Tybee Island. Tybee Island is filled with ocean front and river beaches. We ended up on south beach where a lot of the touristy action is at. Its wide beaches stretch out for miles, lined with cute shops, restaurants, bars, hotels, and motels about 30 minutes away from downtown Savannah. It’s great for families with small children and for those who are not the strongest of swimmers. As you walk up, your greeted by sand dunes and what appears to be, a low tide that goes out as far as the eye can see. You walk to what feels like forever only to find the water barely reaching your thighs. There are little pools of water where people hang out. The water is so warm and clear you can see tiny schools of fish swimming by your feet.

8) The Crab Shack

If you are a seafood enthusiast, enjoy casual indoor/outdoor southern barbeque dining, and don’t mind sitting a few feet away from gators in a lagoon. The crab shack is the place to be and experience. Not to mention it is family friendly where the kids can enjoy some action feeding the alligators. There’s even a gift shop on the property for those who want to get a cheesy crab shack souvenir. Its definitely a gritty, bare feet, dining experience. We ate with our hands like cave men. I savored every bit of it too! The Crab Shack was an awesome way to end our second day.

9) River Street Sweets on River Street

Looking for something sweet? River Street Sweets is the shop to be if your looking for a quick pick me up or indulge on a sugar high. It reminded me of a mini Willy Wonka Factory. Employees were super friendly and helpful. They also demonstrated on how the candy is made. Such a cute traditional shop to go and visit. The sugary smell alone will put you in a happy trance.


10) Take a Ghost tour

Your Savannah, Georgia vacation is not complete unless you take a ghost tour. We took a ghostly tour to the Sorrel-Weed House on 6 W Harris Street. One of the largest houses in the city it has been featured on an episode of Ghost Hunters and Travel Channel’s “The Most Terrifying Places in America.” Fortunately or unfortunately for us we didn’t experience any ghoulish presence. Not a darn thing, the summer heat alone was a killer. My husband almost ran out of the room, not from seeing a dark oddly shaped figure walking, but of how hella hot it was. Besides that, the tour guide really did an awesome job of keeping the group engaged. Learning about the history of the house while walking through it made the experience feel even spookier.

Hope this was helpful if your thinking about making Savannah your next getaway.

The city has so much to offer and explore. What are some of your favorite places to go in Savannah? Where did you go?


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