Love Burgundy

Hey guys, Mel here! I wanted to incorporate 5 different looks I came up with using the color BURGUNDY. Why that color you may ask? Well, why not?! I love how dark and deep this color is. Versatile in its own right, not only to wear in clothing, wear it on your lips, your nails, or feeling the dark vibes even more? Change your hair color to this rich tone! The possibilities are endless with this color. Let’s embrace this deep shade of red called Burgundy!

Funky Fresh

Funky Fresh
Nirvana black peep toe hell from Fashion Nova

I wanted to create a “funky fresh” street style look. This look is perfect for hanging with your girls on a night out on the town. I love my corduroy burgundy overalls! Form fitted, but comfortable for some wiggle room to showcase your moves on the dance floor. Of course this look isn’t only for a night out, turn heads with this awesome tone for a stylish ootd look. Since I had a nighttime look in mind I decided to pair it with black peep toe thick heel booties to make walking feel effortless.

Funky Fresh
Corduroy Joy overalls from Fashion Nova
Funky Fresh
Black and White T-Shirt Dress from Rue21
Funky Fresh
Earrings from Forever21/Black fedora hat from H&M

I love urban/street wear. A proud 90’s kid over here!!! Growing up listening to some of the most influential hip hop artists like Notorious BIG, Big Pun, and LL Cool J…. just to name a few has impacted my style. I wanted to pair this look with large hoop bamboo earrings and a black fedora hat to add more interest to the look. As well as an old black and white stripped t-shirt dress I found in my closet for some contrast underneath my overalls.

Stay Classy

Stay Classy
Wrap dress from Rue21
Stay Classy
Run this heel Taupe from Fashion Nova/earrings from Forever21

This look is all about the girlie girl in me. Another comfortable outfit ‘cuz I’m all about the comfort! You can also rock this dress pairing it with cute white original converse sneakers or brown sandals and your good to go, literally. I wore my taupe color knee highs to add some sass. The dress adds a little sexiness to it with a slight plunging neck line just to show enough, still keeping it classy not trashy ladies! I really had fun with this look switching it up and steering away to my usual street style looks. Another detail I love is the subtle balloon sleeves at the end and tiny polka dots on the dress adding that sweet feminine touch.

Stay Classy
Brown brim hat from Burlington Coat Factory

I wanted to keep my accessories simple adding little pearl earrings, my brown brim hat to go with the warm tone color scheme, and keeping my hair pulled back in a low bun.

90’s Kid at Heart

90's Kid at Heart
Oh So ChicHeel Booties in Black from Fashion Nova

Maaaannnnnnn listen, this look I freaking loved! It has 90’s grunge written all over it with a modern twist. You talk about comfort at its best. Looking at it now, you can switch up the shoes for some all black combat boots and still be super fly!!! Not to mention I just got my hair done in box braides so I was totally feeling the 90’s vibes.

90's Kid at Heart
Nightingale Sweater in Mocha from Fashion Nova/Earrings and Gray Hat from Forever21

I’m really big on wearing graphic T-shirts but in a “dressy” sort of way. It differently adds an interesting touch to your outfit. When you get a cool old school style like this Johnny Cash T-shirt I got from Target, it definitely can be the ice breaker to start convos! I feel like I could be on chill mode, but appropriate to hang out if I chose so.

90's Kid at Heart
Johnny Cash T-Shirt from Target/Culotte Pants from Forever21

I tucked in my T-shirt to show my shape since I was wearing such a baggy over-sized cardigan. My favorite part of the outfit are the details. I loved the circle metal detailing at the end of my cardigan sweater. These black stripped sock booties can make any outfit look stylish. To add onto my glam grunge look I wore a NYX liquid suede cream lipstick called Vintage. What’s a 90’s inspired look without a dark lippie??

Chill Mode

I’m all about wearing one piece of clothing that you can style and wear so many different ways. This dress in particular, I wore at another time to my Husband’s Gala for work. Completely styled differently with black strappy ankle heels with my curls out full force. This time, I wanted to keep it sporty and easy. Making going out to run errands a comfortable event, but still looking put together. Once again, you can switch the shoes with a pair of kicks for more added comfort. I don’t mind wearing a low thick heel if I’m on chill mode or running around. Adding a faux leather jacket to add a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ to the look, my baseball cap, and backpack to be hands free if needed. I’m ready to do whatever I need to for the day.

Curls out to Play

Curls out to Play
Thrift Store DIY Ripped Jeans from Good Will/Red Lippie Monte Carlo from NYX

This look I wore on a Sunday to church with my jacket zipped up of course LOL. To be honest, I got my praise and worship on and right after we went downtown to shoot this look within an hour. I didn’t have time to change! I wanted my jacket and curls to be the star of the show. With a good wash N go day my curls were flawless and bouncy. So I kept my top underneath simple, a V-neck bodysuit from Fashion Nova. Still showing a little, but balancing it out with this eye catching jacket. I am a very artsy fartsy person. Anything with color or a corky pattern catches my attention IMMEDIATELY. I thought this jacket would be perfect to pair with my DIY jeans (which I distressed/bleached myself) that I got from my local GoodWill thrift store. Did I mention I am a big thrift store shopper? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!!! I rolled up the bottom of the pants to show off my sexy cankles (note the sarcasm) and paired it with a burgundy red ankle booty to tie the whole look together. One of my favorite looks for sure!

Hope these looks gave you some ideas on how to wear this color! Have fun with it!


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